Academic Performance

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CatergoryYearName of awardAward winner Awarding unit
NSC99The Essence of Competence Concept: Adopting an Organization’s Sustained Competitive Advantage ViewpointChen, Hai Ming 
Inside School Honor97On an EOQ model with ramp type demand rate and time dependent deterioration rateLiang-Yuh Ouyang 
Inside School Honor97A comparison between two pricing and lot-sizing models with partial backlogging and deteriorated itemsLiang-Yuh Ouyang 
Inside School Honor97Fuzzy inventory model for deteriorating items with permissible delay in paymentLiang-Yuh Ouyang 
Inside School Honor97Inventory and pricing strategies for deteriorating items with shortages: a discounted cash flow approachLiang-Yuh Ouyang 
Inside School Honor97A Hybrid Neural Network Approach to Bilevel ProgrammingHsu-Shih Shih 
Inside School Honor97An EOQ model with limited storage capacity under trade creditsLiang-Yuh Ouyang 
Inside School Honor97A systematic framework for performance appraisal and compensation strategyChen, Hai Ming 
Inside School Honor97Deterministic inventory model for deteriorating items with capacity constraint and time-proportional backlogging rateLiang-Yuh Ouyang 
Inside School Honor97知識型決策支援系統應用於家庭醫師疾病診斷與病患關係管理之研究SHU-HSIEN LIAO 
Inside School Honor97Foreigner Investors and Stock Volatility : Evidence from TaiwanLOU, KUO-REN 
Inside School Honor97Mining customer knowledge for product line and brand extension in retailingSHU-HSIEN LIAO 
Inside School Honor97The investment model in preventive maintenance in multi-level production systemsHSU-HUA LEE 
Inside School Honor97Mining product maps for new product developmentSHU-HSIEN LIAO 
學術及教學著作97知識管理SHU-HSIEN LIAO 
Inside School Honor97Relationships between Knowledge Inertia, Organizational Learning and Organization InnovationSHU-HSIEN LIAO 
Inside School Honor96Optimal ordering policy for deteriorating items with partial backlogging under permissible delay in paymentsLiang-Yuh Ouyang 
Inside School Honor96Incentive Reward with Organizational Life Cycle from Competitive Advantage ViewpointChen, Hai Ming 
Inside School Honor96Fuzzy flexibility and product variety in lot-sizingHUANG, WEN-TAO 
Inside School Honor96An adaptive design for categorical responses in phase III clinical trialsHUANG, WEN-TAO 
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