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    2016-09-30以增加資源再利用率為目標的電子廢棄物回收政策之研究期末報告Hsu-Shih Shih 
    2015-09-30多準則行為群體決策支援系統之建構:展望理論與TODIM之應用期末報告Hsu-Shih Shih 
    2015-01-18在不確定情況下的多準則決策TOPSIS方法(2/2)。台灣-波蘭國際合作研究計畫期末報告Hsu-Shih Shih 
    2014-09-01具有隨機變數之多階層規劃的研究(挪威經濟學院)期末報告Hsu-Shih Shih 
    2014-05-01多準則行為群體決策支援系統之建構:展望理論與TODIM之應用(1/2)期中進度報告Hsu-Shih Shih 
    2014-01-10在不確定情況下的多準則決策TOPSIS方法(1/2)。台灣-波蘭國際合作研究計畫期中進度報告Hsu-Shih Shih 
    2013-08-01An Implementation of a Multi-criteria Behavioral GDSS: An Application of Prospect Theory and TODIMHsu-Shih Shih 
    2013-08-01消費者說服知識與定價策略說服知識對社群媒體遊戲付費意願之影響Shui Lien Chen 
    2013-07-01商業智慧導入於力寶龍企業整合行銷之研究SHU-HSIEN LIAO 
    2012-12-20Enhancing TOPSIS Method for Multiple Criteria Decision Making(2/2)。台灣-波蘭國際合作研究計畫期末報告Hsu-Shih Shih 
    2012-08-01The Optimal Replenishment Policies for an Eoq Model with Defective Items and Imperfect Inspection under Trade Credit FinancingLiang-Yuh Ouyang 
    2012-08-01Pilgrim House Functions in Taiwanese Folklore Belief: Tourist Segmentation and Service Value IntentionHORNG-JINH CHANG 
    2012-08-01An Implementation of the Integrated Interactive Behavioral Decision Model Based on Group TopsisHsu-Shih Shih 
    2012-08-01Fuzzy portfolio analysis with incomplete informationRuey-Chyn Tsaur 
    2012-08-01Chromatography the Dimensions and Content of Science LiteracyHAN-JEN NIU 
    2012-06-01商業智慧導入於力寶龍企業整合性行銷之研究SHU-HSIEN LIAO 
    2012-01-01Enhancing TOPSIS Method for Multiple Criteria Decision Making(1/2)。台灣-波蘭國際合作研究計畫期中進度報告Hsu-Shih Shih 
    2011-08-01The Optimal Order Quantity, Delivery Schedule, and the Power of Test for an Imperfect Inspection Process in an Eoq Model with Defective ProductsLiang-Yuh Ouyang 
    2011-08-01Optimal Ordering Policy for Economic Order Quantity with Imperfective Items under a Temporary Price DiscountHORNG-JINH CHANG 
    2011-08-01Different Data Scale Considerations for Association Rules Development and ApplicationsSHU-HSIEN LIAO 
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