Curriculum & Programs

Undergraduate Program

A total of 141 credit hours are needed to graduate. Of all the 141 hours, 106 credit hours are required courses and the remaining 32 credits are electives; 23 of the elective credits have to be selected from courses offered by the department.

Core and General Courses:
General courses for college students offered by the University

Basic Courses:
Accounting, Economics, Management, Calculus, Management Mathematics, Statistics

Professional Courses:
Economic Analysis: Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Investment Theory
Business Research: Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior
Statistical Analysis: Probability and Statistical Inference, Regression Analysis, Sampling, Multivariate Analysis Dynamic System Analysis: 0perations Research, Production Management, System Analysis

Economic Analysis: International Investment Decision, Economic Analysis, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics
Business Research: Marketing Sciences, Strategic Management, Business Research Methods
Statistical Analysis: Time Series Analysis, Forecasting Methods, Quality Management
Dynamic System Analysis: Information Management, Experimental Designs, Dynamic System Analysis

MBA Program

A total of 42 credit hours are needed to Graduate (not including thesis).

Core Courses (5 out of 6 for each group):

Industrial and Commercial Management Group:
Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Production Management, Information Management, Managerial Theory, Seminar in Management Practices

Technology Management Group:
Operations Research, Sampling Design, Business Ethics, Applied Regression Analysis, Technology Management, Statistical Decision Theory, Seminar in Management Practices

PhD Program

A total of 36 credit hours are needed to graduate (not including thesis).


Electives:Research Seminar (I), Research Seminar (II), Special Topics, in Investment

EMBA Program

A total of 39 credit hours are needed to graduate (not including thesis). Of all the 39 hours, 10 courses with a total of 30 credit hours are required and the remaining 9 credits are electives. For this program, there are three semesters in each academic year. Fall, Spring, and Summer. The program takes two to six years to finish with at least 7 semesters registered before graduation.

Required courses:
Management Theories and Practices, Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior, Managerial Accounting, Production and Operations Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information Management, Strategic Management.

Non-degree Program

A maximum of 9 credit hours could be taken each semester 

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